The studio was founded and is currently directed by Francesco Meneghello, a 27 years old Italian designer.

After studying Industrial Design at IAAD, in Turin, he spent one year in Copenhagen collaborating with Mikal Harrsen and working for MA/U Studio, now part of the Boffi group.

Once back in Italy he collaborated with Davide Lanfranco for several projects, with a particular focus on developing Atelier12, a new bathroom furniture Italian brand, and designing its first award-winning collection Abisso.

In 2016 founded WE DON’T DESIGN and the year after moved the studio in Milan.

He is sensible to modern art and inspired by whatever is unrestricted expressed.

Affected by a Peter Pan syndrome he balances his methodic and rigorous approach with a romantic and childish attitude, which provides him unconventional and innovative ideas.

Find him on:

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The Studio is based is the South area of Milan and is located into Officine Milano, a 400 square meters industrial-style loft showroom.


The environment perfectly matches our fresh and unconventional identity, giving to people the right motivation to be different.

The Studio is composed by international, young and different-background people who believe on cooperation and work ambitiously to reach incredible results.

We are open to receive people and we love discussing with everyone about everything unless design.

Come here and try our outstanding Japanese black tea.

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