Bathroom vogue


Client: Atelier12

Partner: Davide Lanfranco

Services: Styling

Photographer: Alberto Buzzanca

Year: 2015


Bathroom vogue, a slogan part of the Atelier12 logo, is a series of advertising which expresses the soul of the brand. The aim of this advertising was to brake the rules of traditional bathroom furniture communication and to create something never seen before.

Abisso is the first award-winning collection and it is inspired by the depth of abyss. This series is composed by washbasins, mirrors, furniture, accessories and more. The image shows two naked bodies, one male and one female, interacting with the two iconic built-in washbasins. The square one, which symbolically represents the masculinity, is associated with the male and the circle one, which symbolically is referred to maternity, is associated with the female.

In any case this shouldn’t be interpreted as a restriction, anyone has to feel free to choose their favorite version independently of the shape. A man can opt for the square one for similarity as well as for the circle one for attraction and viceversa. The same is for a woman.

Models’ faces are hidden by the two products on purpose to remind the inspiration of the sea, the water and the depth. The background of the image, interpreted as the environment, is white since it gives you the possibility to imagine yours without any style imposition.

White also contrasts the materiality of the products and the warmth of the bodies skin.  There isn’t any decoration, everything is left in its natural beauty. This advertising is based on contamination between furniture and people. The contemporary bathroom culture imposes no limits, no barriers and everything is possible. The (non) privacy is defined by open spaces and the continuous research of essentiality.

The two washbasins are upside down as an invitation to explore them, to understand them and to feel their soul. This is a reminder to touch daily objects and perceive their essence, against the culture of sculptural and untouchable objects.


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