Client: Elica

Partner: Davide Lanfranco

Services: Concept Design

Awards: Cristalplant Design Contest 2016

Year: 2016


Sale&Pepe is a concept cooker hood made in Cristalplant and designed for private kitchen.

The name comes from the iconic trousers dressed by chefs, which are colored in black and white, as well as two essential ingredients like salt and pepper.

The unibody structure is made in Cristalplant, an innovative and sustainable composite material, easy to clean and pleasing to the touch, which is also appropriate for kitchen environments.

The internal part of the body is left in white, as the natural color of Cristalplant, and the external one is painted with a black matte soft-touch finishing.

The shape is an extruded smooth-edge rectangle with four bended sheets at the far end, functional to canalize the steam to the center, where the sucking air machine is placed.

Inside the Cristalplant body there is a sophisticated last-generation engine able to provide high performances (700m3/h) with limited noise at full speed (50dBA).

Sale&Pepe is also equipped with intelligent sensors for the recognition of the quantity of steam and the consequent self-regulation of the air suction mode: the hood recognizes the cooking mode activated on the cooktop in real time and acts accordingly, adopting the optimal level of functioning in relation to the quantity of steam present.

A special hood filter has the ability to regenerate and lasts up to three years with some simple home maintenance.

A double lighting system, one of them is direct and neutral for technical use and the other one is colored and diffuse for ambience purpose, completes the user experience.

The air power and lights are regulated by a hidden touch-control interface as well as by the use of a remote control.


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