A’ Design Award – Gala Night

The last 29th of June our studio has been awarded at the Teatro Comunale in Como for the A’Design Award Gala Night 2018.

Our project Andromeda designed for OLEV won the Silver prize in the “Lighting Design” category thanks to its aesthetic and technological properties.

Andromeda is a suspension lamp which only works with LED technology and uses a simply-to-use interchangeable lens system which allows the user to adjust in a few seconds the<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>light beam and warmth, thus giving this product a wide flexibility.

Since its presentation this product has received positive feedback from architects and journalists.

The lamp achieved this important award after being judged by the Ground Jury Panel, a selection of design professionals, prominent academics, influential press members and leading experts in industry to recognize, cherish and value good design products, projects and services. A’ Design Award jurors are fully committed to acknowledge and distinguish good design in all its forms.

Our founder Francesco Meneghello was invited to the stage to tell how this project took life and he was awarded in front of a wide audience of design professional coming from all the world.

La Notte premio A’, the Gala Night and Award ceremony of the A’Design Award is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive social events in design industry, and is considered to be the design industry’s premier annual red-carpet event.

A’ Design Award Exhibition, organized shortly after results announcement at MOOD Design Museum in Italy, and later moved to several countries and cities, marks the grand opening of a new edition of the annual design competition. The design exhibition provides an opportunity for architects, designers and businesses to showcase their latest products, projects and services, setting the design trends for the year.

Each winner is prized with the Omega Particle, the A’ Design Award Trophy, designed in Italy. It is a tangible and durable reminder of design excellence achievement, and serves as recognition and evidence of merit for good design. The A’ Design Award Trophy, granted to eligible laureates, is coveted by designers, artists and architects worldwide.

Discover the project here.