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Can you see beyond?

We are excited to reveal our all-new website designed by us and dedicated to the ability of viewing this world through a child’s eyes.

After moving to Milan we decided to refresh our identity and build a new provocative website able to communicate who we really are through an innovative and fresh user experience.

We believe that a childish attitude gives us the power of lateral thinking and makes our job more fascinating.

This website is composed by eight pages and each of them contains some special features.

The home page shows our most significant work and it is characterized by a double visualization: the first one is the original photo and the second one is like if the previous is seen by a kid, who creates his magic world above it.

Inside the about page you can read the background of our founder Francesco Meneghello, the story behind WE DON’T DESIGN and all the international recognitions we received since we opened the studio in 2016.

If you want to discover all the prestigious recognitions we receive since 2016 visit the awards page.

If you are curios about what we can do have a look at our services page and literally draw what there is behind each service icon. A series of hidden drawings makes this page alive.

The news page is monthly updated and there are articles about new projects, press publications, events, general news as well as some extraordinary posts.

A complimentary page is dedicated for whoever wants to apply as intern/professional and taking part of our team in Milan. You can find here the best rules to follow in order to get noticed by our HR expert. 

Last but not least if you get bored and hungry reading our cookies policy you can learn the best recipe for tasty cookies.  

Enjoy the new website! Can you see beyond?

Homepage illustrations: Sara Ottavia Carolei

Services illustrations: Warittha Nilodom

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