We are always looking for brilliant and unconventional minds to join our team in Milan.

We have no vacancies right now.

We also accept spontaneous applications.

Please follow these simple yet useful rules when applying:

1. Show us something new, be different

2. Avoid the Europass CV, you’re not a manager

3. Don’t use a social-media-like profile picture, be professional

4. Don’t call your portfolio “portfolio”, be creative

5. Don’t self-evaluate your skills, it’s our role to do so

6. Don’t say “thank you” at the end of your portfolio, it’s boring

7. Write well, good communication is very important

8. Use empty spaces to your contents, be concise

9. Don’t show us something you are not good at

10. Don’t be hasty, take your time

11. Don’t follow the rules, be a rebel

The application must contain:

– A professional portfolio with a selection of your best projects

– A one-page CV

– A cover letter, with us as a recipient

– Include links only if you are a web/motion designer

The following are a plus:

– An extra portfolio with a selection of your creative works such as photography, painting, poetry or whatever could show us your sensibility

– A personal statement about the importance of design

– Something crazy that can amaze us

If you don’t follow our guidelines we will not evaluate your profile.

Please send your application to

Depending on the volume of applications we might not be able to give a response to each and every one of you.

It’s time to show your talent.

P.s. Good luck!