Design Diffusion Bagno 12/17

We are featured on the last issue of design Diffusion Bagno with a 6-page interview to our director Francesco Meneghello, who talks about Atelier12 and bathroom furniture trends.

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The interview, curated by Elviro Di Meo, is a special focus on the new Italian brand and its first award-winning collection Abisso. It is also possible to have an idea about Francesco’s philosophy.

Here an extract:

“What are the characteristics of your design style?”

“I think that the style of anybody somehow working with design – a designer, a chef, a musician – is always evolving. And it must be so, otherwise our mind would stop and become fossilized.

The classification of styles – minimal, industrial, classical or whatever – died many years ago for me. We live in a world full of different influences. There are neither labels nor design limits and this is the best part. I consider it fundamental to use languages that are always different. Each product, environment, communication needs an underlying logic, it mustn’t be the mere result of a stylistic research. Design means project, not aesthetics”.

Atelier12 was born in 2015 and is a manufacturer of hand-crafted baths made in Italy by local artisans. All products are created with selected raw materials based on excellent technical characteristics, total reliability and excellent quality.

Various products can be totally customized to design a unique and exclusive space.

“We do not want to create consumer goods rather than true crafts, durable goods that prove their quality through time, expressing their identity each day. We want to give value to the materials, highlighting their physical and mechanical properties and respecting their aesthetics without using any other decorations” says Francesco Meneghello. A piece of furniture today, an icon tomorrow.

Discover more about the collection here.