Francesco Meneghello presents Il Sentiero delle More

Our founder and director Francesco Meneghello launch a new ambitious project: Il Sentiero delle More, a business unit exclusively dedicated to residential interior design.

This 300-square-meter penthouse is distributed on one single floor and it is located in the heart of Milan with a spectacular view over the city skyline. The residence has a double entrance, one by the stairs and the other by the direct access lift, both located in the central part of the apartment where a corridor divides the day area and the night zone. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are set into a wide and bright open space where eccentric objects and pieces of art coming from the pop movement create a suggestive and harmonious environment.

Two south-facing large glass windows lead to the terrace, a relaxing space surrounded by plants and dedicated to the pleasure of outdoor cooking and dining, thanks to a table and an outdoor kitchen. The corridor connecting the day area with the night area is imagined as a transitioning space, result of a refined research about essentiality. The only decorations here are sculptures and lighting, able to create an intriguing scenography in the dark . The guest bathroom, that introduces in the night area, has a statuesque character, almost monolithic, with a washbasin integrated in the wall and accessorized with a diffused blu light system. In front of the guest bathroom there is a transparent fixed window, inspired by the oriental architecture, that overlooks the private spa removing the visual barriers. This view, defined by a sculptural marble bathtub, is a occidental reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese Tokonoma, an alcove which symbolic items are displayed in for artistic appreciation. The wall behind the bathtub is decorated with a full-height marble mosaic, depicting female figures doing the bath ritual, that gives to the spa a timeless and monumental mood.

The master bedroom, with a direct access to the spa and the wardrobe, it’s a simple ambience interpreted as a resting and thinking place. The entire residence has a museum-like approach, defined by the presence of art pieces coming from different times and iconic series produced by Italian and international design brands. In this large empty spaces, neutral white painting together with point lights accent the aesthetic and symbolical value of all the sculptural objects.

All these apparently-far-apart styles are merged together even thanks to the use of the same wooden floor in every ambience. Only the private spa, entirely covered with black marble, is different from all the others spaces. Like a box, hidden and visible at the same time, it’s a place dedicated to inwardness, psychophysical wellness and the pleasure of water, in contrast with the urban chaos of an ongoing moving city like Milan.

This special town house – defined by a curious mixture of styles, iconic objects, pop art works and contemporary design pieces – tells about a sophisticated taste and a free aptitude for wonder. The rational layout amplifies in surprising glimpses, thanks to the the expressive value of the light designed to accentuate the aesthetic and symbolic nature of the objects.

A magical eclecticism characterizes every environment in a unique way, generating unexpected relationships between spaces, light and objects, according to an idea of harmony that never means uniformity and conformity. A special and seductive mise en scéne where luxury is suggested by details and proportions.

“I believe that the space resides into us, in our past, and it is defined by the time passed on places which have shaped our soul. The contemporary living is nothing more than a nostalgic research of those places, with the colors and smells of our childhood. Our role is to give expression to your inner self through materials and light, full and empty.”

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