Gentleman – A soft light for sushi

Our design Gentleman has been chosen for illuminating the Hisyou in Rubano, a fancy sushi restaurant recently opened nearby Padova.

Born from the passion of Alex, Chen and Huang, the Hisyou restaurant in Rubano has the ambition to stand out for its dishes made from excellent raw materials, unusual combinations and impeccable service.

All this thanks to a powerful experience of over 15 years of three partners that have brought success to other restaurants in Vicenza, Bassano and Treviso.

Ingredients always first choice to working together on the details.

Japanese cuisine is simple cuisine, so the choice of raw materials of high quality and freshness is critical to have good tasty yet light.

For Chen Japanese fusion cuisine travels frequently to test the best national and international sushi from which to draw inspiration and explored new proposals along with the sushi as Huang.

The aim of the architect was to create a warm atmosphere thanks to the gentleman soft light focused on tables able to emphasize food colors.

With this design the clients’ experience is cozy and sophisticated.

Gentleman is a suspension lamp with works only with LED technology.

This name comes from the iconic homburg hat wore by the gentlemen from the past.

The lamp has two different light sources, one directed to the bottom and one diffused to the side.

The bottom one is accessorized by an innovative and simply-to-use interchangeable lens system which allows the user to adjust in a few seconds the light beam and warmth, thus giving this product a wide flexibility.

The unibody stainless steel structure is incredibly resistant and limited in weight, due to the low thickness adopted.

The exceptional made-in-Italy manufacturing quality can be perceived also in hidden parts and components.

The lamp is available only for indoor spaces and is finished with a special multilayer black paint.

Discover more about the product here.