Officine Milano Art Design Week 2018

In occasion of the Milan Design Week 2018 we directed an interior restyling for Officine Milano that will celebrate it with an art design week during the next Fuorisalone.

Officine Milano is an industrial-style loft showroom based in the South area of Milan.

This quarter, called Stadera, once was an industrial area and it is now part of a deep urban regeneration. Different creative agencies and show-rooms established their headquarter, making the area a design pole.

This show-room resides in a building that was a carbon storage, then refined to become a commercial space, without any architectural layout modifications.

The place is characterized by high ceilings, exposed iron beams, some brick walls and traditional old fixtures.

The location comes with two main entrances, placed at the building extremes and all the rooms are bright and well aired thanks to the big windows and a double exposure.

This unconventional show-room proposes high-quality and hand-made products from Italian producers.

All the brands follow a tailor-made approach, giving to clients the possibility of personalizing the final products.

The total area of 500 square meters is composed by three big open spaces and many different rooms.

The two main halls are dedicated to exhibit a selection of floors, fixtures, bathroom furniture, kitchens, lamps, marbles, special finishings and more.

A different-color room is designated to the most exclusive and luxury finishings.

This restyling follows three main concepts: essentiality, personality and flexibility.

Black and white are the prominent colors in order to accent the beauty of all the different furniture and materials.

Personality is given by every single exhibition that has a strong character and follows the styling philosophy at the same time.

Flexibility is a fundamental requirement to make any changes possible in a short of time and it is defined by the absence of boxes or permanent structures.

Plants here have a fundamental role: a soft jungle effect gives to guests the pleasant feeling of being in a live space where everything in under a natural mutation.

Officine Milano aims to be a dynamic place for architects and designers where ideas and interaction become the fulcrum of innovative projects.

Come and visit us in Via Francesco De Sanctis, 30 Milano from the 17th to the 22nd of April.