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Our  studio is oriented to unconventional and young minds.

Our success is given by all the people who currently work and have worked here.


Julieta Capogna

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1994

Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Design at IAAD and Master Degree in Exhibit Design at Politecnico in Turin. Experimenter and observer she considers design as the best way to create relationships between people and reality.


Marta Ambrosi

Aosta, Italia 1993

Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Design at IAAD with a specialization in lighting design. She works accurately on every single detail and has a strong sensibility on creating harmonious and refined ambiences.


Isabella Jorgensen

New Zealand, 1998

Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Design at RMIT University in  Melbourne with specialization in Interaction Design. With a engineering attitude she designs objects starting from their function, always considering emotional contents.


Małgorzata Moskal

Kraków, Polonia 1996

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at Academy Of Fine Arts in Krakow with many following professional experiences. Specialized in 3D visualization and creation of hyperrealistic renderings she loves everything done through a screen.



Chai-Yi, Taiwan 1994

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University and Master’s Degree in Product Service System Design at Politecnico of Milan. Focus on UX and how design can improve people’s daily lives.

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