Portrait 2018 – Ode to youth

Together with the new identity and the new website platform, dedicated to a childish attitude, we wanted to homage our founder Francesco Meneghello vision through a new portrait.

After moving to Milan we decided to refresh our identity and build a new provocative website able to communicate who we really are through an innovative and fresh user experience.

We believe that a childish attitude gives us the strength of lateral thinking and makes our job more fascinating.

To realize this portrait we have selected one of the most promising young Italian photographer: Federica Lazza.

With past working experience for Peter Lindbergh in New York and Oliviero Toscani in Milan she works now as a freelance for the most significant international fashion brands.

The image plays with strong contrasts and denounces Francesco’s affection to fantastic world and invented stories, result of imagination and creative expression.

Here the protagonist is Mickey Mouse, Francesco’s creative refuge during his childhood, that still now it represents a world without mental restrictions and becomes an incentive for designing.

This comic was born at the beginning of ‘900 from the pencil of Walt Disney and today represents a symbol of geniality for many generations.

In contrast to the playful and childish element, a punk style of clothing is associated with a free and unconventional attitude and against the stylistic (features) imposed by society.

The image, dark and unclean on purpose, expresses an equilibrium between dream and reality, past and present.

It’s time to imagine.

FotoPhoto: Federica Lazza

Concept: Francesco Meneghello

Stylist: Francesca Piovano

Hairstylist: Lucio Ocria

Make-up: Lisa Fornati