WDD per Ca’ Apollonio Heritage

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Ca’ Apollonio Heritage.

This project took life in 2015 with an ambitious aim: to build a high range accomodating structure able to respect the original functionality of the edifice as well as the territory.

The first idea, simple yet fascinating, was to offer to future guests a life experience in an agricultural environment that preserves ancient knowledge and use advanced technology to produce fruits and vegetables, olives, cereals and more with a total respect for the environment and people.

Ca’ Apollonio Heritage, Hotel SPA & Nature, is the name chosen by the promoters for a Boutique Hotel equipped with 11 rooms, both superiors and suites, a restaurant, a bistrot, a conference hall and much more. All these elegant ambiences are placed right in front of the farmland for a direct contact between guests and nature, in a total safe thanks to a perimetrical fence.

To have the entire control on the production chain the entrepreneurs have invested also on near disused agricultural land, programming a biological wine production thanks to a new winery, called Ca’ da Roman.

The whole area is now 16 hectares and it was decided to exclusively use vines called “PIWI”, an acronym of the German word PilzWiderstandsfähige, which means resistant to fungal diseases.

The Ca’ Apollonio structure has been approved with the CasaClima R and CasaClima Hotel protocol as well as the biological certification.

Choosing the PIWI vine variety allows a drastic reduction of phytosanitary treatments and the relative use of water as well as there is more respect for the terrain due to the less use of mechanical machines and the consequent abatement of CO2.

When the vineyard will be ready some barnyard animals will run free through the rows to fertilize and remove parasites with a totally natural approach.

All of these traditional techniques make the Ca’ Apollonio project “more than biological”, becoming thus “iper biological”.